Hire crazy people!

Hire crazy people!

Don’t rub your eyes, the headline’s right. You should definitely hire more crazy people. Give those a chance who seem kind of awkward. Employ the guys you think are a bit „out of mind“. That’s what our society, our business world, our future needs: People who aren’t living by the given rules and structures, people who can see what’s coming around the corner.

It’s not only me who’s telling so. It’s a quote from Alibaba founder Jack Ma („Don’t hire the most qualified, hire the craziest.“) And there’s a widely famous LinkedIn article, published by Rémon van Riemsdijk with more than a hundred thousand shares.

The most important view is the one from above!

But what does that mean? No more need for a regular CV? No more studies? No more practical and soft skills? Calm down. Of course, you’ll still need some basics when it comes to social interference. And if you know Jack Ma, you can definitely say he’s not into the „crazy craziest“ but more into those who can step back and have a neutral look from above. With the eye of an eagle you will be able so see the whole big picture as well as the devil in the details (but I beg you not to hang out with him too long, he might drag you down to hell of micromanagement the next second you don’t give attention).

What to do about this whole „Hire the craziest“ thing? I would recommend to change the process of your recruitment. Do more personal interviews instead of filtering CVs. At least, change the filter settings and don’t strive for those with the best grades, the most famous university degrees or the strangest certificates you could get on this earth for money.

They are the difference!

Keep a closer eye on the practical experience, projects they initiated, events they organized, articles or book they’ve written. Doesn’t matter if any of it was successful – it’s all about the ideas they bring in. And you will need those ideas. But be aware that such guys are not the ones you will simply put at a desk and get them going. These poeple are those who want to make a difference – THEY ARE THE DIFFERENCE!

Treat’em well and give opportunity to participate. Many of them are good as teamleaders. That’s the best position by the way to keep going with new ideas aside making progress with the daily work load.